Lesly Is Your Expert For High Speed Machine Monitoring

Lesly AI gets you the best machining management for the best produced part, right from the beginning, without machine downtime.

Turn your machine tools into intelligent self-diagnosis machines

For example, concerning the machine tools, Lesly exploits the available data in the CNC, and   automatically characterizes the references of each milling program: this is the concept of Km 0. Lesly will allow you to extend the lifespan of wearing components such as spindles, axis motors and tools, but also to guarantee the quality of parts and the usage uptime of the machine park : milling, turning, grinding…

  • Tool wear

  • Tool breakage

  • Part quality defects

  • Tool holder defects

  • Spindle failures

  • Axis motor failures

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Machines tools monitoring

At FIAT power train, Lesly was able to anticipate the lack of lubrication in a spindle, and highlighted the quality drift of a part before its tolerance limit. At PCI Machining, Lesly was able to detect the breakage of a 3mm diameter tool in a drilling operation. These failures were detected by exploiting the data available in the CNC.

Collect Data From Any CNC regardless of manufacturer

The Lesly software suite embeds all CNC connectors. Collecting data from an CNC has never been so simple and easy !

Having machine downtime issues with a quality loss ?

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