Lesly Is Your Expert For Process And Cycle Time Monitoring

With Lesly AI, get the best machining management for the best part the first time, without unplanned downtime.

Turn your machine into intelligent self-diagnostic machines

For example, Lesly analyses the data on presence and position sensors available in the PLC. It characterizes the reference cycles concerning the presence times and transfer times. As soon as the cycle times are disturbed, Lesly diagnoses the exact fault sensor within several other sensors.

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Process monitoring

The main issue is to guarantee the yield and the productivity for the intralogistic, manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical industries. Yet, the packaging and shipping lines are made of conveyors, presence sensors, actuators, etc, whose failure blocks the whole line. In packing and shipping lines, an accidental stoppage costs several hundred thousand euros per day. Lesly observes all the data available in the PLC, and characterizes the references of each process and mechanical parts and highlights the drifts by indicating the influencing parameters and estimating the residual lifetime: this is the concept of Km 0. Lesly will allow you to extend the lifespan of wearing parts, and to avoid proclivity loss as well as production line downtime.

Collect Data From Any PLC

The Lesly software suite embeds all main machine protocols. Collecting data from PLC has never been so simple and easy ! 

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