Data collect, Diagnosis and Prognosis

High-performance machine monitoring

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We offer a progressive plan to deploy Lesly. The technicians and their expertise are at the center of the process

Lesly Data Collect

Machines connexion, data collection and exploitation

Lesly Diagnosis​

Lesly data collect & Failures detection and influence parameters diagnosis

Lesly Prognosis​

Lesly diagnosis & machine learning and remaning usefull life time

Lesly AI for machine monitoring : diagnosis & prognosis

Lesly uses the data from your machines to improve their performance in order to reduce risks and operating costs.

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Maintenance Costs reduction

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Machine downtime removal

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Waste production reduction

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Part life time Increase

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High speed machines

Milling, turning, Bringing...

Low speed machines

presses, rolling Mills, cables machines...

Continuous processes

Conveyors, Position Sensors ..​

Certified Experts in Signal processing Providing Top-Notch machine monitoring Solutions.

With Lesly AI, we assist in data collection, failure diagnosis and corrective actions to restore your machines into operational condition. Relevant approach for complex machines such as high speed machine tools, low speed machines, and continuous processes.

Edge computing solution

Lesly AI is an edge computing solution. Deployed in an industrial PC or server, Lesly monitors all the equipment within the same machine network, regardless of the brand and of the data source. No cloud, no internet.

Skills abilities

Our mechanical skills and our expertise in signal processing for machine monitoring and  diagnosis guarantee the efficient results.

Advanced Solutions

Lesly is an unsupervised AI, which characterizes the reference of machines  components, anticipates the drifts, gives the data influence and estimates the residual life time.

No Sensors added

Lesly monitors complex machines such as machine tools, low speed machines, and cycle time analysis of presence and position sensors, using the data available in the existing PLC or CNC.

Fast and Efficient

Lesly uses the data available in the existing PLC, CNC or sensors to qualify the reference state of the machine components in a few weeks and starts monitoring immediately. The return on investment is fast.

Friendly & Reliable

You are autonomous in the deployment and exploitation of Lesly. User-friendly web interfaces allow you to configure your smart factory, to qualify a failure, to teach Lesly …

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