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machine Monitoring Within the industrial network

Lesly an Edge computing solution

3 Level indicators to make a failure diagnosis and prognosis

+ Failure detection

The Lesly score is the failure detection according to the healthy reference state

It is the result of the merging data. With this indicator, Lesly detects the drifts of the references state (km0) and notifies the presence of weak signal failures. This indicator is around 0 when we are in a healthy reference state and increases when we move away from it. Only one indicator to detect early failure.

+ Diagnosis help

Influence Of Data is an understanding of the early warning symptoms of failure

The influence factors of the Lesly score drift. Expressed as a percentage (%), they point the parameters most impacted by the drift (the failure) compared to the reference state. They characterize a failure and help in the diagnosis and Lesly learning.

+ Failure prognosis

Remaining Useful Life is the estimation of the time to failure

Also called Remaining Useful Life (RUL), It is an estimation of the time remaining before reaching a certain limit. This limit corresponds to the last Lesly score based on the technician failure qualification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lesly needs a few weeks to learn about the reference state. It depends on the rotational machine cycle. 

Because we have expertise in machine monitoring, we know exactly, for each application, what type of data is relevant to anticipate the type of failure. Indeed, Lesly’s algorithms are designed according to each  application.

The machine is considered to be in its reference state within a period of time, when the data is stable and the production is of good quality.

Lesly is controlled by the PLC or the CNC, and knows in real time in which operating regime and which process is running on the machine. If it doesn’t know the reference, it goes into learning mode, otherwise it remains in failure prediction mode. No need for a humain intervention.

You need a basic electro-technician to connect the machine, an IT-technician for network issues, and the collaboration with the maintenance and quality department to define objectives.

Lesly simultaneously monitors all machines within the same network. Depending on the number of machines, the leslybox, an industrial PC,  is designed accordingly.

A project can be started from 10 000 €. 

Having Machine Downtime Or Process Quality Issues ?

Lesly AI is the best solution