Lesly diagnosis

Understand Machine Downtime and Process Quality Issues​

Lesly Diagnosis helps to solve your machine downtime and process quality issues with 2 helpful diagnosis indicators : The Lesly indicator or score and the Influence Parameters. With Lesly Diagnosis you have a precise description of the character of an early failure. In real time, understand the sources of failure and schedule a maintenance intervention as soon as possible in order to guarantee the quality of production and to extend the lifespan of the components.


Lesly indicator

Early failure detection according of the healthy reference state

Influence parameters

Description of the contribution of each data according to the type of failure

Machines connection

Connection Of Several Machines On The Same Network

Data collect

Data Collect From Different Manufacturers CNC And PLC


Custom Dashboard Creation & data exploration

data export

CSV Data Export to statistic analysis


API For a Communication With Others Softwares

Having Machine Downtime Or Process Quality Issues ?

Lesly AI is the best solution